Friday, 17 March 2017

Thatching distraction

The weather has been see-sawing in a typically English way between lovely foretastes of Spring, even Summer, and chilly spells reminiscent of unlamented February. The mixture has distracted my attention from moths somewhat, coupled with the fact that a tower extension to the treehouse has seen me back in my thatching reedbeds.

This time, I'm working on a conical design inspired (needless to say) by Queen Elsa and Princess Anna's castle at Arenedelle. The whole process, getting to the nearest reedbed a couple of miles away, cutting good specimens, trimming them into 'yelms' and finally whacking them into the underthatch with a 'leggatt' or 'biddle' - homemade from that useless stuff for the damp British climate, decking - is extremely enjoyable.

Current moths, meanwhile, are contrastingly dull, although it's perhaps a little mean to say that when my attitude is partly the result of over-familiarity. Here's the range which visited last time I lit the lamp, five nights ago. Oh, and I should record the fact that after nearly two years' faithful service (twice as long as its predecessor), my mercury vapour lamp went phut. Fortunately, I had prudently ordered two from brilliant Watkins & Doncaster last time, so the trap went straight back into action.

Hebrew Character

Clouded Drab

March Moth

Small Quaker

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Anonymous said...

Hi Martin.
I've got a feeling your March Moth is not right. I'm not certain as I usually look at them from a top down perspective, but I think it may be a Diurnea fagella. With the clear markings on it I should be more certain, but unfortunately I'm not, so hopefully one of your experts will be along to give you a definitive ID if it's not a March Moth.